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Dr. James Whorley has an associate’s degree in biblical studies, bachelor’s degree in family counseling and church development; also, his master’s and doctorate degree was received in Theology (the study of God). He became a Christian in 1981, married in 1982, started pastoring in 1987. From his union with his wife, he produces four lovely children and five lovely grandchildren. He has written and developed a magazine called “Wisdom is Crying: Is Anyone Listening.” He has a local radio broadcast that is on Monday through Friday. He also heads a thirty-minute internet broadcast that can be heard worldwide. His passion can clearly be seen in any task that he puts his mind to accomplish. I think that it is essential to know that he is the CEO and founder of a non-profit, called Devine Intervention, where they support, guide and get employment for ex-offenders when they are released from jail.