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This is a book written out of my concern of seeing so many people getting saved, as they might say. You see this in large rallies, church conventions, stadiums, etc. They are emotionally touched and moved to act, but later, they fall off, because they were not taught how to walk with Jesus and how to live out their Christian life.

This book has been written to teach them the importance of their salvation, the purpose of their calling and how to maintain a spirit-filled life. It will be very important that one has a teachable spirit, able to be taught, maintain a consistency and drive throughout the book. There is no doubt in my mind that you will learn things that you may not have ever considered, but dig in, strap down and get ready for a wonderful journey and experience!



This book should appeal to those that desire a guide to follow in becoming a strong disciple for Christ. By reading this book one will clearly see their purpose, step-by-step guide to follow showing the power of love, the importance of faith, the essentialness of keeping unwanted doors closed and assuring that they remain shut. This book will also give an insight into one’s own psyche. The reader will clearly see the benefits and eternal reward of his decision to be a disciple.